Victoria Justice on ‘uncomfortable’ first ever sex scene

Victoria Justice is dishing on her “first ever sex scene,” which just so happened to take place on her “first day on set” of a new movie.

During a recent appearance on Sirius XM’s Hits 1 LA with Tony Fly and Symon to talk her new single RAW, the Victorious star rehashed the experience, which took place on the set of the upcoming crime drama Depravity, per Variety.

“I’m like, ‘Really, guys? We’re gonna schedule this for the first day? Cool. Thanks for that,’” she quipped.

According to the outlet, the film also features the talents of Devon Ross, Dermot Mulroney Sasha Luss, and Taylor John Smith.

When asked what shooting a sex scene “is actually like,” Justice confessed that the experience “is uncomfortable” and that she “was really nervous.”

“I was actually very nervous about it, and totally anxious about the entire situation and I was like, ‘Did I make the wrong choice? I don’t know if I should do this,’” she continued.

Nonetheless, she highlighted that she “had a lot of faith and trust” in the film’s director, Paul Tamasy, who she said “made [her] feel very comfortable about it.”

“He was like, ‘Listen, I’ll show it to you beforehand. If you don’t like it then we’ll change it, whatever,’” she recalled.

However, she poked some holes in the steamy misconceptions some may have about what it’s like to shoot intimate scenes.

“I think sometimes people think filming sex scenes or anything like an intimate scene that it’s like really sexy… it’s really not,” she explained.

“It’s uncomfortable, honestly. And there’s, like, a bunch of random dudes in the room like breathing and watching you.”

And while she praised her scene partner, whom she didn’t name in the clip, she claimed that they “were friends as much as we could be.”

“But he was a super nice guy and made me feel very safe and was very polite and respectful, so it went well,” she said, ultimately deeming the sex scene “very tasteful.”

Outside of Depravity, which has yet to secure a release date, Deadline reported that Justice will be taking on a guest appearance in Suits L.A., the next iteration of the Suits universe starring Stephen Amell.

This article originally appeared in Decider and was reproduced with permission

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