Royale, a multiplayer shooter gets a soft launch for Android in select regions

If you are looking for Battle Royale Gaming entertainment, well, we have a new title with Battle Guys: Royalea multiplayer shooter that is currently in a soft launch phase Android in selected regions.

Battle Guys: Royale brings a fun battle royale title with an offbeat experience

From the makers of Stumble guysthis is an attempt to develop an entertaining shooter that aims to mix the fun and action Elements from Kitka GamesThe rules are simple: you plunge into fast-paced PvP battles and try to dominate the battlefield and be the last one standing.

Battle Guys gameplay
Image via Kitka Games

Well, the developers have a catch: they say the game is easy to learn but hard to master, offering a fun and challenging experience for all players. Like any other battle royale game, you parachute into the battlefield, find the best gear, and fight your way to victory. The fun graphics are similar to Stumble Guys, but sometimes look rough. But forget it, because it’s only the soft launch.

You have a wide range of weapons and equipment to choose from to help you gain the upper hand in any fight. Show off your skills in exciting multiplayer battles and explore a variety of strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to battle royale games, Battle Guys offers an exciting experience for everyone.

From the soft launch, Battle Guys: Royale will be available for download for players in select regions, including Finland, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, And Spain on Android via the Google Play Store. Details on the iOS version or global launch are not yet available, so keep an eye on official announcements.

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