Lily Allen confesses her husband David Harbour ‘controls her phone’

Lily Allen has revealed that her husband has full control over her smartphone.

The singer told the Sunday Times in a recent interview that she uses a phone designed for children because she is not a big fan of technology.

For this reason, a specific “supervisor” must be responsible for the phone in question, who authorizes the access permitted to it.

Allen revealed that she is not in control of her installations, but rather her husband, actor David Harbour.

“I now have a kids phone called Pinwheel. It has no browsing function and no social media, but you can still use Uber and Spotify,” she told Sunday News.

“My husband is the carer and therefore controls which apps I can have on my phone.”

She said the phone even requires that they be registered as each other’s parents.

“Because they are made for children, it is [listed as] my parent and I’m his parent.’ What’s your child’s name? David, 50 years old,'” she joked.

Allen further explained why she chose a kids phone rather than a regular smartphone.

“The creative side of my brain has been destroyed by smartphones. I feel like everyone’s been through that,” she said.

“I don’t know anyone who could say that their quality of life has improved because of the presence of a smartphone. I think it has destroyed us as a species. It’s horrifying that they are so addictive. Some of us are more prone to addiction than others. That’s evil.”

“I don’t think it’s the job of humans to exchange ideas and then carve them in stone,” she continued.

“We are supposed to develop as people. How can we do that if we are always held accountable for what we said in the past?

“I said that 20 years ago, when I was a completely different person, not married and without children. Of course, I had a different outlook on life. Don’t hold me to that.”

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