Kid Rock ‘pulls gun out’ and uses ‘racial slurs’ in trainwreck interview

Kid Rock is accused of “pulling a gun” out in front of a journalist before saying numerous racial slurs during a trainwreck interview.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the far-right rocker allegedly waved a gun in the journalist’s face and used the N-word repeatedly.

Last month, journalist David Peisner joined the infamous singer, 53, at his Nashville home for an interview largely centred around politics and his unwavering support of Donald Trump, whom he referred to as his “bestie”.

However, after drinking some wine and “at least three or four” cocktails, the rapper allegedly became “drunk and belligerent”.

“He’s sitting in a dark leather chair, shouting at me about something or other, when he reaches behind the seat, pulls out a black handgun, and waves it around to make some sort of point,” Peisner recalled Rock shouting: “And I got a f**king gun right here if I need it! I got them everywhere!”

Rock, now a well-known supporter of former president and 2024 presidential candidate Mr Trump, referred to the businessman-turned-politician as his “bestie.”

“You think I like Trump because he’s a nice guy?” Rock said. “I’m not electing the deacon of a church. That motherf**ker likes to win. He likes to cheat in his f**king golf game. I want that guy on my team. I want the guy who goes, ‘I’m going to fight with you’.”

Peisner also reported that while recalling old conversations with friends, he used the N-word several times — and it didn’t stop there.

“It’s worth mentioning these are not the only times Ritchie drops the N-word during my visit,” the journalist wrote.

“It’d be easy to label this as the rantings of a drunk racist, but as with everything that Ritchie does, it’s hard to know how calculated it all is.

“Is he just trying to get a reaction? Is he begging to be pilloried when this story comes out so he can launch into a very public tirade against ‘cancel culture’? Is this all just a play for more attention?”

Things then turned even more bizarre, with Rock insisting that the writer watch a series of performance videos before allowing him to leave.

Their chat then came to an end with Rock asking Peisner for a favour.

“Just write the most horrific article about me,” said the singer. “Do it. It helps me.”

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