Honor of Kings China version to release 10v10 mode, new map, and ranked system

The Chinese version of Ten cents popular 5v5 MOBA, Honor of Kingsis reportedly a 10 against 10 mode soon. Along with the latest update, the game will also feature a new map and ranking system for the upcoming expansion. The exact dates for the modes and updates have not been announced yet.

Honor of Kings brings 10v10 mode and a larger map with an additional lane

The current and mainstream version of Honor of Kings follows the universal 5v5 mode along with some other game types. The global adaptation, Arena of Valor, also comes with the same format and maps. Currently, the game offers 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 Modes in PvP format. However, the upcoming update will change the PvP system and make it more exciting as 10 players will be able to compete against 10 others. Simply put, the game will introduce a 10v10 mode. Photos show other exciting features that are only available in the China-exclusive version of Honor of Kings.

New map for Honor of Kings 10v10 mode
Image via Tencent Games

So far, the map in Honor of Kings consists of three main lanes (top, middle and bottom). But after the soon-to-be-made change, a new map will be introduced to accommodate the contenders. In a photo shared by Honor of Kings (HoK) Global News on Twitter, the upcoming map looked much bigger with four-laneThe number of additional articles is still unknown.

The ranking system will be available for the 10v10 mode in Honor of Kings, the worldwide release is unknown.

The game is pretty serious about the upcoming introduction of a 10v10 mode as it will also feature the ranked system. Most likely, there will be a separate ranked system for the game. Despite the mixed opinions in the Twitter post, this will be a new milestone for the title. However, it is not confirmed if the global version will receive the same update in the near future.

Honor of Kings 10v10 mode with ranking systemHonor of Kings 10v10 mode with ranking system
Image via Tencent Games

Released in 2015, Honor of Kings has achieved several milestones. It is the highest-grossing mobile game of all time, one of the most downloaded apps worldwide, and one of the most popular games in the MOBA genre. The title’s worldwide release was first announced from Level Infinite in 2022 with a start date on 20 June 2024 at a later time.

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