Famous legal advice YouTuber facing 25 years in jail

A popular YouTuber specializing in legal issues has reportedly been arrested.

US Attorney Nick Rekieta faces 25 years in prison after he was arrested on Thursday along with his wife Kayla and another internet personality.

Prosecutors on Friday charged the Minnesota couple with second-degree drug possession, child endangerment and a gross misdemeanor related to the use of firearms.

According to arrest documents, police attempted to execute a search warrant at Rekieta’s home on May 23 and were greeted at the door by a little girl who refused to let them in.

When Rekieta refused to give the door code, the police used a battering ram to gain entry and found the couple and four teenagers inside.

After searching the master bedroom and bathroom, authorities allegedly found various drug paraphernalia, including three small baggies that tested positive for cocaine, eight green pills that tested positive for ketamine, a digital scale, and several other items that tested positive for cocaine.

Police also found a handgun with multiple magazines and loose ammunition under the bed, an empty cartridge case on the bedroom floor, and additional firearms and ammunition in the garage.

Rekieta and his wife were arrested. He told authorities he and his wife slept in the master bedroom, where police allegedly found most of the drug paraphernalia.

The couple reportedly refused to answer questions about the cocaine.

Prior to his arrest, some of the YouTuber’s fans raised concerns about his health earlier this week after a clip circulated of him appearing to nod off during a live stream.

Police noted that Rekieta had several injuries to his arms at the time of his arrest, describing them as wounds commonly associated with drug use.

The popularity of Rekieta, the owner of a law firm, skyrocketed during the pandemic as he covered high-profile cases such as the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against Amber Heard.

He has more than 150,000 followers on X, formerly Twitter, and nearly 450,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The couple appeared in court on Friday, and a recent post by Rekieta suggests he has been released on bail.

“So hey, obviously a lot has happened,” Rekieta wrote in a statement.

“I am sorry (for legal reasons, it must be reiterated that the apology relates to the disruption and is in no way related to any pending litigation).

“But please be aware that no one has the whole story or the whole picture of anything. It’s possible that no one ever will.

“Nothing that is being reported is true and that is not their fault.

“I’ve seen so many supportive messages. Thank you for that.”

“I’ll still be doing stuff. I’m home now. Stay tuned for show announcements and such here on Locals.”

Nick Rekieta has denied any wrongdoing.

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