Domino’s brings back ‘double decadence crust’

Pizza giant Domino’s is bringing back a popular crust option after Australian fast-food lovers voted for the decadent addition on social media.

The “Double Decadence Crust” will be available again starting Monday as a $4 upgrade to any large pizza, the company said.

The crust features a rich and gooey cheddar and parmesan cheese sauce sandwiched between two perfectly crispy bases and topped with tastier, stretchy mozzarella.

Michael Treacy, head of product development and innovation at Domino’s, said the combination has proven successful since it first debuted on the menu over a decade ago.

“We are thrilled to reunite fans craving a touch of nostalgia and comfort with this beloved double decadence,” he said.

“I always say, why have one crust when you can have two?” said Mr Treacy.

“Each slice offers the delicious feeling of the wonderfully gooey cheese sauce oozing out of the bottom as you bite into your pizza.

“Believe me, you have to try it.”

Double Decadence is on offer for a limited time.

Allan Collins, Domino’s Chief Marketing Officer for Australia and New Zealand, said he enjoys listening to and responding to customer feedback.

“Some pizzas come in and out of fashion, but not our Double Decadence crust,” he said.

“As all good pizza connoisseurs know, the secret to a great pizza is the crust, and this crust is as delicious and cheesy as can be.

“So it’s no surprise that our customers have been eagerly awaiting its comeback.

“For a year, we even received a customer comment every day on our social media channels asking us to bring it back. And if there’s one thing we can guarantee at Domino’s, it’s that we always deliver.”

Domino’s has stores in every state and territory.

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