AFL journalist Tom Morris hacked, private details leaked

AFL journalist Tom Morris’s X-Account was hacked and his private data was leaked online.

Morris, who was embroiled in a scandal in 2022 that ultimately cost him his job at Fox Footy, said he had been in contact with Victoria Police following the incident.

“My X account was hacked overnight. It has now been restored, but please be cautious of any activity sent or communicated this morning,” he wrote.

“The tweets sent were not mine. The matter is now with Victoria Police and other relevant authorities.”

The posts contained homophobic remarks and threatened to leak his direct messages to the public.

The hacker also sent a tweet to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese telling him “it’s time to ban the gays” and then wrote: “God I hate the #Pride community.”

Morris’ phone number was also shared with his 39,000 followers.

Morris was fired last March after audio recordings of him making offensive comments about his then-Fox Sports colleague Megan Barnard were leaked on social media.

His sacking in the opening week of this year’s AFL season was one of the biggest scandals of the year.

Morris endured an extraordinary personal attack from Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge in a press conference following the season-opening game over a story Morris reported about the team’s line-up.

Beveridge apologised the next day, but the exchange was overshadowed by the leak of the offending Morris audio file on WhatsApp.

A second clip containing homophobic and racist slurs also surfaced on social media before Morris was eventually sacked by Fox Footy.

Morris apologized for his comments at the time, calling them “repulsive and disgraceful.”

“This is not something I will forget,” Morris said on the podcast “Don’t Shoot the Messenger.”

“I am deeply ashamed of what happened.

“I can’t say it clearly enough. I deserve to be fired.”

Morris said his offensive comments were a symptom of the “twisted world” he lives in and that he has since engaged in “continuing education… to educate myself sufficiently and become a respectful, normal adult.”

“I thought I was one of the good guys…men who are straight and white like me often think we’re the good guys, and the reality is we don’t know what we don’t know. I looked the other way…I was selfish and ignored it for a decade,” he said.

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